What is My Senior Gym

Tina Lloyd, fitness and health entrepreneur  launched My Senior Gym during the lockdown as a much needed service to help keep clients over forty fit, active and mobile as they were unable to attend their normal classes in the community.  Tina has worked in the health and fitness sector for over 20 years, winning many award for her work including ‘innovation in the community’ and taught 1000’s of clients in gyms, community centres, corporate venues and care settings. Tina originally trained as a professional dancer and graduated from the Laban Centre London in ballet and contemporary dance. She went on to specialise with teaching exercise and falls prevention (EXTEND exercise) with older people for Age Concern and Sunrise Homes. She has developed a wide ranging accessible body of work that has helped to form the heart of My Senior Gym.

My Senior Gym offers a full range of subjects to suit all tastes and preferences such as functional fit, dancefit, tai chi, yoga and pilates. There is something for everyone!…The sessions are tailored to more advanced exercisers as well as those that may not have exercised for years with a whole variety of chair based classes to choose from. 

Over the year the service has helped 1000’s of clients who prefer to access fitness services online due to time constraints etcetera and has been extended to help support clients who are unable to leave their home due to mobility issues or needing to isolate.

My Senior Gym stands out above other online services as all its teachings are supported by experts who are specialised in teaching older (we like to say more experienced) clients as well as those with limiting conditions such as arthritis. All our workouts are tailored to allowing you to be the best ‘you’ that you can be! We have listened over the years to our clients and what can affect them such as poor posture and tailor lots of our sessions to help them address this-with bitesize films designed to inform and inspire you to a better and healthier lifestyle.

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