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We would love to give you the opportunity to try out 100’s of online fitness sessions (from Dance Fit to Tai Chi!) as well as access to FREE WEEKLY LIVE STREAM Workouts and are offering great value membership plans.

Are you over 40 & would you like to improve your fitness and well-being?

Every story has a beginning and your story can start right here on your path to a healthier lifestyle, improved fitness and well-being. Today, maintaining a strong immune system and good level of fitness is more important than ever. 1000’s of clients around the world are using our online fitness sessions to take their fitness to a brand new level from someone who has never exercised to a more active retiree

My Senior Gym is an online Senior Fitness Community

We are devoted to improving the health, fitness and well-being of the over 40’s. Allowing you to exercise ANYTIME, ANYWHERE as well as in the comfort of your own HOME using our easy to access online workouts.

It is our role to inform and inspire you on your journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle, when you team up with us you will notice:

Improved posture & mobility

Improved balance & co-ordination

Greater strength & stability

A new zest for life and approach to healthy nutrition

Improved immune system, resilience and recovery period following illness

So what happens when I join…?

When you join us you will get ‘the full package‘ of membership benefits to inspire you on your journey….


Before starting we will help you to ASSESS your fitness levels and do a PRE-EXERCISE check so that we can recommend what LEVEL you work at.


You will have UNLIMITED access to our library of over 150 TOP VIDEO WORKOUTS. There really is something for everyone. Our specialised trainer Tina Lloyd has designed them to cater for ALL abilities

LEVEL 1 is suitable for beginners-our ‘small steppers’

LEVEL 2 is suitable for fairly active clients our ‘Striders

LEVEL 3 is suitable for advanced clients ‘Great Leaps’


One of the biggest barriers to successfully maintaining a sustainable exercise program is motivation: our instructors are not only renowned experts in their field but make your fitness experience a lot of fun! Our range of top fitness workouts will keep you coming back for more! We have a wide range of innovative, inspiring and interesting workouts to keep you on your toes.

 Functional Fitness    Tai Chi    Dance-gentle exercise

 Yoga Pilates    Stability & Balance    Strengthening


We really do ‘design’ with ‘you’ in mind.

Based on your FITNESS assessment we will introduce a bespoke ‘program of activity’ with a variety of daily fitness sessions that will help you to achieve your fitness, health and lifestyle goals. We will also send you lots of informative BITESIZE videos that give you hacks to improve your POSTURE, help arthritic joints etc.


The key to choosing a healthier lifestyle is keeping yourself informed and inspired. We are there with you every step of the way offering a full range of health, fitness and nutritional resources that will keep you motivated and wanting to learn more as you achieve your fitness goals week by week.   When you join MY SENIOR GYM you become part of a wider fitness community that will help to support and cheer you on. You will also have 24hr online support from us.


We offer FREE WEEKLY LIVE STREAM classes, exclusive to MY SENIOR GYM members. This private group also helps you link up with like-minded members. You will be offered support and given the opportunity for questions and answers and some fun and laughter as well!


So are you ready to start your journey?

Take a look at our innovative, fun and varied workouts

Trusted by 1000’s of clients from 40 years to 99 years young. Hear what they are saying

“Thank you so much for your Online workouts! I am thoroughly enjoying the experience…

I had shoulder surgery for rotator cuff repair in February. Therefore, I had been in a Lockdown situation for a very long time. Joining My Senior Gym has encouraged me to include meaningful, happy physical activities in my daily routine in addition to the prescribed physiotherapy. The program of exercises are superb and very well thought-out! The design meets the needs of different abilities and varied taste, from gentle to energetic exercise routines , musical dance forms and not to forget the peaceful meditation!!!

I also enjoy the professional support that is given and know that I can rely on the advice given by qualified practitioners.

I would strongly recommend My Senior Gym and hope that many more join in to experience the benefits and enjoyment of physical activities. Also, I appreciate your healthy lifestyle and nutritional advice so thank you once again!”

-Dr Aparna Ghosh

Trusted by 1000’s of clients from 50 years to 99 years young. Hear what they are saying

“I signed up to the FREE TRIAL as wasn’t sure if the content of the classes would be suitable for my fitness level. I would class myself as an active retiree so although I am over 50yrs old I’m certainly not over the hill! I enjoy an active lifestyle and love taking part exercise classes that challenge me both physically and mentally.

After signing up to My Senior Gym I feel more active than ever! The beauty of the service is that you can use the classes as many times as you like. In fact, most days I will do 2 sessions. Perhaps something more energetic in the morning such as a Strenght & Balance Workout and then a more holistic, relaxing class such as Tai Chi later on in the day.

I really enjoy the support offered by My Senior Gym-they are always happy to give advice if needed and I have met many My Senior Gym buddies in the online networking group who are there cheering me on if I ever need some motivation.

So, I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their fitness and well-being to sign up today-you really don’t have anything to love- I have never looked back!”


Trusted by 1000’s of clients from 50 years to 99 years young. Hear what they are saying

“I first started doing Tai Chi with My Senior Gym a few months before lockdown. I have had reconstruction on my shoulder so l found some exercise classes too much.

One word to describe this service?…. “fabulous!” and also great value for money…My Senior Gym was just what I needed-there are a wonderful range of workouts to choose from. I really enjoy Tai Chi: the movement is so energising and very calming at the same time with no strain on your joints, I come out of the online class ‘walking on air’. Also, the mediation sessions are really easy to follow even if you haven’t meditated beofre and you feel invigorated afterwards.

I also enjoy the Dance-fit class: you have plenty of levels to choose from for all abilities and you get a good warm up and cool down-the class is very varied and lots of fun and the instructor’s teaching skills are very professional and humorous so it keeps my interest up! If you prefer to exercise without music then the functional fitness classes are great and work every part of your body!”


Trusted by 1000’s of clients from 50 years to 99 years young. Hear what they are saying

“I suffer from very painful arthritis in my knees and hips and was worried that the classes may be too much for me as I didn’t really exercise at all. My Senior Gym has really helped to improve my confidence in my physical abilities so I feel that “I can” do things such as getting to the top of the stairs or carrying a shopping bag: before joining….I struggled to straighten my right leg as it was very painful to move. However, the chair- based workouts have given me a new lease of life!, the exercises have strengthened the muscles around my knee which has made it easier for me to move and the stretches have increased my range of motion so everyday actions such as standing and sitting are now much easier.

I wouldn’t say that I can do the splits yet!! …but My Senior Gym has equipped me with the tools and the knowledge that I need to help maintain my mobility and keep on track with my health as I get older. The instructors are very friendly and help to keep me motivated if I am feeling a little low and the courses are easy to follow and set up.

I have also found great benefit from the health news and nutritional advice and have found that choosing certain foods help to support my arthritic condition.”


Trusted by 1000’s of clients from 50 years to 99 years young. Hear what they are saying

“I am 77 and have Parkinson’s Disease and was looking for a suitable exercise class for me for many years. I am often based at home but still need to exercise The advantage of My Senior Gym classes is that you don’t even have to travel to a studio to do the class. I previously found getting to the class was difficult due to my limited mobility. Also, I have the option to participate in classes as many times as I like-and so I do a class most days…

My condition is such that I can only do the exercises when my medication allows but I can watch and partake at my own level and am very aware of how much more mobile I am since starting the sessions.

I am also not very tech savvy!! I have only a basic mobile phone to use in emergencies, so I just click on the class and I am good to go!

I recommend My Senior Gym to anyone who wants to maintain or improve their mobility to live as independently as possible.”